The Bold Suit You Can Actually Pull Off

Mar 18, 2016

Today we're walking you through the everyday guy way to wear an amped-up brightly colored suit.

Curious about suits that don't stick to navy, gray, black, or brown? Thinking about something that'll set you apart from the crowd? Well, there's no better chance than right now—as in this season. Spring is the best time of year to experiment with new and uncommon colors in your entire wardrobe (after all, that's what mother nature is preparing to do right now). And while you, average Joe, are not an international pop star currently gracing the March cover of GQ, you can most certainly turn up the volume on your suits à la Justin Bieber.

The perfect color for you will depend on your skin tone, to be sure, but a safe bet is something in the burgundy family. Think your favorite glass of red wine rather than Bieber's candy pink suit here. The difference is subtle but will ensure you're easy on everyone's eyes and look more like a confident man than a teen heartthrob—though, TBH that wouldn't be such a bad thing. For the full California rock star effect, pair that puppy with a black and white polka dot shirt, white vans (Dammnnn!), and two key accessories: a blacked-out watch and a tragically hip gold signet ring. For days when you want to tone it down a tad, swap the dotted shirt for plain white and add a charcoal gray or navy tie.

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Credit: GQ

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