Yes, You Can Wear a Three-Piece Suit This Summer

May 30, 2016

If you're going to wear a suit today (when fewer and fewer offices require it), we think you should go big or...nope, just go big. And the biggest, badass-iest suit around is a three-piece.




Wearing one is making a next-level commitment to looking sharp as hell, an indicator that you know how to dress for capital-B business. But stepping into such a sprezzy power move isn't always easy when summer temperatures finally hit. That is, unless you have one of the breezy, lightweight three-piece suits stores are now stocking.





What's the difference? Lightweight wool and/or cotton (or a blend of both) that cuts down on the sweat factor. That's it. The rest of your three-piece should come as precision cut as every other piece of tailoring in your wardrobe. That means the points of the vest hit just below the waistline of the pants, the shoulder seams hit at your natural shoulder, and the pants are cut slim but won't tear when you sit down. Once you've got your summer three-piece, dress it up with a crisp white shirt, goes-with-everything black tie, classic lace-ups, and a pocket square that will get people talking.

Credit: GQ


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