Your 'Dress for the Job You Want' Suit

Mar 18, 2016

Start dressing more like the man in charge, and less like an over-eager intern. Today we're walking you through Stephen Colbert's "I own this city" suit and how to use its powers to get yourself a big promotion.

CEOs don't have to wear ties. It's a little known secret of power-dressing that the boss should never dress to impress his employees. Don't get us wrong, he shouldn't outdo the entire office in leisure wear either. But a touch of casual confidence goes a long way when it comes to proving you don't need to impress anyone.

If you're not already the boss, but have your eye on a certain corner office, you might want to start dressing more like the man in charge, and less like an over-eager intern. Step one in that direction: lose the tie. Replace it with more casual yet higher quality staples. Layer a cashmere sweater under your suit jacket and spend a little extra on an Italian made pocket square. Make sure your shirt, shoes, and yes even your underwear are corner office worthy. That doesn't have to mean wallet crushing, it just means they should look manly yet elegant and well put together.

To that end, take the time to iron or steam and pick out your clothes the night before. It'll avoid choosing a shirt while you're still half asleep. Last but definitely not least, walk with your head held high. Trust us you'll be moving on up in no time.

Credit: GQ

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